Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanks . . .

This marks the third year.  The third year that I have known Conny and that she has offered thanks.  In November.  For the month of November.

She really is thankful during the other 11 months.  It’s just that she is making a POINT of tell the WORLD in November that she has some things that she just wants to say thanks about. 

“You shouldn’t have God.  But You did.  Thanks from little ‘ol me.”

I’ll join her. 

November 1 and 2 . . .

Number 1:  Ya know that I attended the Relevant Conference.  I learned lots and really need to share.  It is thru writing that I process.  More on that later.  BUT because of this conference I had that chance to truly see that the Engineer . . . rocks.

I normally try and stay silent about his major rock-ness.  But I can’t.  The guy basically lactated.  Not really.  But he totally took care of Naomi.  She was even wearing pink when I returned.  (At least, I think she was.  She matched.)

Number 2: The house was picked-up.

Number 3:  And the Engineer . . . was preparing lunch.  Number 4: I was greeted by his backside.  Which I didn’t mind.

Number 5: Bonus . . . . flowers.

Number 6:  The hugs have continued from my sons even though I have been home since Sunday morning.  Love this.  I’m thinking about leaving again, just so that I can feel like a celebrity upon my arrival home again.

Number 7:  Obedience equals milk and a happily reunited mommy and nursing babe.


Number 8:  Leaves on the trees.  Still. 


I love that I encountered snow, but returned home to sunshine.


Number 9:  The dirt pile is gone!  I have a driveway again.

Number 10:  A good school day.  A nice mother-in-law who brings lunch, coffee, folds laundry, and helps with Awana verses.

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