Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Unexpected


There are some things in this life -- my life -- that are surprises.  I didn’t think I would like them.  Relish in them.


Four children.

Seeing the dog, body tension filled, ready to unleash her energy in one bound upon the innocent little birds in our backyard.  Watching a flutter of activity, feathers flying as yet . . . once again, Ruth was too slow.

Digging my feet into sofa cushions.

Relishing, being deliriously happy, even encouraging a community of mothers to endure the decree . . . give birth naturally.  Without intervention.  Without dulling the senses.  Experiencing all aspects of birth.

There was a moment . . . it lasted maybe 32 seconds where I told the Engineer that I hated him.  In that moment I realized that I was going to give birth to my Pleasant Word alone . . . without my beloved midwife.

Delighting in seeing a figure clad in black . . . and the token streak of purple barreling down a step incline, enlisting gravity to help him descend the mighty mountains clad in white snow.  And I trailing behind . . . doing my best to show him that I . . . I am a brave wife . . . courageous enough to partner with him in feeding three testosterone rich saplings. 

Enjoying Indian food.  So much so that when the call to move there descended into our marriage . . . I agreed.  Changed.  Never to same woman again.


How I want to linger here . . . so many unexpected moments that make for rich snapshots in my history.

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