Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To Store Coconut Oil

We buy in bulk.

And yes, I know that Y2K has already occurred.  It is just . . . well . . . cheaper to buy coconut oil in bulk.  (And honey for that matter.)

I like Tropical Traditions.

I wait until Tropical Traditions has a sale (they have lots) . . . either a percentage off your order or free shipping.  Sign up for their newsletter or follow them on Twitter and you will be alerted for a chance to save money!


I jump on the chance for free shipping . . . because five gallons of coconut oil is heavy.  

Translation:  EXPENSIVE.

I don’t keep my 5 gallon tub out on the counter.  There isn’t enough room for it and my Vitamix.  Plus, it is hard to get good leverage to extract the oil for cooking simple cheese eggs or bull's-eyes (recipe coming soon). 


I just spoon out a gallon’s worth at a time. 


Actually, my strong sons do the ladling.

I use what used to be a Tropical Traditions Coconut Flake container.

This container sits by my Vitamix, espresso machine, and stove, the area of my kitchen with the most action.


Get your tub today or ask for it for Christmas!

Not sure what to use coconut oil for?  Check out my recipe section.  I use coconut oil in lieu of butter, in addition to butter, for cuts, diaper cream, and massage oil with essential oils.

This article contains affiliate links . . . but I actually USE the products in my kitchen on a DAILY basis.

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