Friday, September 30, 2011

Elementary Round Up

Granola Mom 4 God

We have had a crazy week.  It included the Engineer being gone to our nation’s capital and sweet video chats with him,


a floor drain vomiting some unmentionable liquids,  and water leaking into our basement from a saturated wall.  Thus a revolving door  of individuals entered and exited our house.  . . . while the husband was away. 

It made school difficult . . . not to mention that the stench wafting up from the basement forced us to move learning back to the kitchen table. 

Thankfully I am using color coordinated tubs that carry the boys work separately.  And I am slightly more organized than last year, which I will share another time.

This week . . . not many pictures . . . so I will share with you something that I learned.

I learned that flies essentially vomit on your food.  Yup.  It is because the type of mouth they have is called a sponge mouth.  They need to absorb food somehow . . . so they puke the content of their stomach (including digestive juices and previous food) to turn my food . . . your food . . . into a liquid they can absorb with their spongy proboscis. 

Nice.  Rather creative, God.

What did you do?  Or What did you learn?  To see the original Elementary Round Up post, click here.  To view last weeks discussion, click here.

If you don’t have a blog to link up with . . . leave a comment and tell us what your family did in the Learning Room!


  1. Write a blog post about your elementary aged child(ren), first through sixth grade,comprising the activities you did the prior two weeks.  You can include pictures, bullet points, tools used, learning gained, God moments, etc.   Or it can simply be a new thing Mom learned.
  2. Be sure to include a link back to my blog.  By doing so, other like-minded readers can hang out in a central location if they are looking for Elementary School ideas.   Publish your post and then head back to my site.
  3. Provide the exact link (URL) of the Elementary Round-UP blog post you wrote, not your blog’s home address, through the provided Linky.
  4. Optional:   I would love it if you grabbed my blog button over on the side.
  5. You can combine this with other meme’s if that helps you to save time (as long as it is OK with the other blog owner).

BIG IMPORTANT HEART MOMENT:  This isn’t a blog post to WOW other moms . . . the point of this is to help YOU document on YOUR blog what you and your child(ren) are learning.  My link-up is only to provide some accountability.  I won’t come and leave nasty comments on your blog if you don’t link up.

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