Friday, September 2, 2011

If I Gave You a Baby Gift: A Lovey

A lovey. 


That soft doll that by the end of your childhood -- only you could adore . . . due to the well worn places loved by moving figures. 

My lovey was the female version of Snoopy.  I don’t know her real name. 

I called her Bell.

Before that was Dog.  My mom had to sew Dog’s neck a few times, as represented by the ribbon that mimicked a scarf worn for a baptism on a spring day.  Pale yellow.

Dog, also a Snoopy, never was white.  At least that I recall.  He looked more like Scooby Doo.  Mostly because he was filled with love dirt.  Child dreams.  Tears. 


For some reason, lovies bring comfort. 


They are the faithful friend. 


The representation of safety, security, companionship.


We have several in our house.  Go figure.  With four children there are bound to be favorite, treasured stuffed animals.

We have a giraffe called, “Help.”  Because he helps my son when he is scared. 

Another orange creature called, “Leon.”  He was given to Gabe at Christmas and is Noel spelled backwards.

“Puppy” wanders around complete with a leash, bell, and collar.

And now . . . Irene.  Soft cotton.  Visually stimulating.  Fringe.  Jingles.


It began with a simple follow on Twitter.  Which initiated a discussion.  Then a package in the mail.  And now a giveaway.  (Partially because I enjoy getting the word out about crafty moms . . . hence several of my Baby item giveaways!)




Complete with a crinkle noise.  And a loop. 


Wanna win a Lovey for your little one?  You will be BLESSED!!!!!!

Mandatory:  Visit Made on Fifth Street’s website and tell me what doll you would like to win. 

  • Follow Sarah, owner of FifthStreetMama on Twitter.  And tweet about the giveaway as often as you like!
  • Like Made on Fifth Street on Facebook. 
  • Become a Fan of Granola Mom 4 God (look over on the side for all the people).
  • Leave a comment on any posts that I write leading up to September 16th. Then, leave a comment here and say you left a comment elsewhere on my blog.  I know . . . redundant.  But it makes it easier for me to count how many entries I have.)

Open to Canada and the United States only.  Must be a doll that is in stock, as Sarah is expecting a baby girl any day now!

Giveaway ends:  September 16, 2011 at Midnight.  Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond.

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