Friday, September 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Joy

Joy conjures up a lot of images to me.

Joy is my mom’s name.  Growing up, I don’t remember a time when my mom didn’t have some form of joy.  She always seemed happy, joyful, ready to extend a hug, affirm a good try, or offer a fellowship drink to me.  Joy.  She had joy in being a mom. 

Joy is the middle name of one of my college best friends.  I have always LOVED saying her full name, Monica Joy.  Something is just fun about that name.  What I heart about Monica is that all through college she worked hard at having joy . . . that girl knew how to study her Bible.  She enJOYED God’s word. 


A powerful choice.  A word that paints a picture.  Joy is so full of emotion. 


Joy is that feeling of meeting your child for the first time and being ever so thankful you aren’t in labor anymore.  That earth-tearing downward force finally stopped.

Joy.  The kiss that finalizes a marriage. 

Joy.  The moment I see the photoshopped image of my husband’s car on Glympse and see that he has pulled into our neighborhood.  Instantly once still children that stood before the computer, become jumping beans as they scatter out the garage door to meet their daddy.


I can’t stop.  Because joy . . . once you begin to dwell on it – it has a powerful way of transforming your mind.  Of playing a silent movie in your cranium of all the Hallmark moments that have occurred in your life.

It is pleasant to my soul.  A good way to start my morning.  A powerful reflection to add purpose.

Because joy . . . it can’t be lived in the past.  It has to be an intentional part of our present.  Joy is a choice. 

For other powerful vivid writings on the subject of JOY, please visit the Gypsy Mama for other reflections.  A powerful day.

They shall eagerly utter the memory of Your abundant goodness

And will shout joyfully of Your righteousness. (Psalm 145:7)

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