Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday: In Real Life


In real life I wonder if I am the opposite as what I am “in real blog.”  In real life, I say “so,” “like",” “you know?” and “I had an idea.”  A lot. In real life, whenever you see . . . . on your computer screen . . . .I do that a lot in real life.  It’s called, “I started a sentence.  Stopped.  And started a new sentence because I had a new thought.”  But eventually I do get around to the point.  Those dots . . . I can’t seem to write without them.  Every blog post has them.  They started because when I began using them, I received more comments.  People commented that my writing had improved.  That actually was an anonymous commenter.  No idea who they were.  But it seriously affected my writing style.  So I kept writing in my made-up blog language instead of in real life language.  But now I almost feel married to blog language.  The two worlds have almost become one.  Except I do know reality versus online life.  They both are real.  {Smiles}But I have to make sure to invest in the in real life reality more.  Which is difficult for me because I write better than I talk.  Just like I look better on my blog than I do in real person.  I suppose  you could say then in summary that in real life I am quite vain.  Thankfully, I have a Savior who is dealing with that vanity and replacing His image on mine . . . covering my imperfections and making me into something new this past year.    It’s been rough in real life.  But much better . . .



(Don’t you wonder what I was going to write?  Sorry, can’t tell you.  The timer stopped.  Literally.  I do time myself for these posts.)

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