Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Rest

It may sound silly.  Dramatic.  Childish.

But I *heart* 5 Minute Friday.  It is like five minutes of rest for me.  Rest. 

Rest from a required blog post.  Rest from editing a photo.  Rest from trying to be crafty.  Perfect.  Intriguing.  Gripping. 

Rest from something that I do for free.  I call that silly.  But at times it is true.  This blog has become its own beautiful beast.  Which is a whole different story.

God called us out of Colorado to find rest.  To do rest His way.  A sabbath’s rest.  We haven’t perfected that practiced rest.  That true rest.  Try as we might.  Which is why we probably haven’t entered that true rest.

Rest is sitting.  A coffee in hand.  A book to read when you aren’t worried about time or what you have to do afterwards. 

Rest is uninterrupted sleep.  Rest is fellowship without worries.  Sitting amongst friends and just being. 

Rest is what I would like to do when I see my dog up on the couch.  Ruth knows how to rest.


Five Minute Friday’s are sponsored by The Gypsy Mama.  I heart them. 

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