Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Got Bit

I’m still in shock.

We were minding our own business, when a little boy loaded with Mike and Ike’s bit . . . yes, BIT Naomi! 

As in teeth marks on her nose.


The mom had four kids like me . . . but all of the kids . . . had candy.  I’m not being judgmental (yes I am) but if you want to control your children at the mall, particularly in a boring place like a shoe store, DON’T load your kid up on processed, refined, chemical laden candy.

Save your sanity, and those around you.

Why would you want to bite a baby?  I mean, I bit my sister (sorry Michelle) when I was a kid . . . but the kid bit a complete stranger.  A baby in a stroller!

What galls me the most . . . and has left me dumbfounded. . .  is that the mom did NOTHING about it.  She swooped up her child – almost consoling him (yea, from the attacking, strapped in, stationary monster of a pink baby who smiles all the time, Naomi.)


What happened to even saying, “Sorry?”

What would you have done? 

I was in such a state of shock . . . I picked up my shrieking baby to console her . . . calm her from her unwelcome attacker . . . not caring where this kid was . . . shushing Naomi for some time.

Meanwhile, the mom kept purchasing her children’s shoes . . . and left.  Wouldn’t look at me . . . let alone have her child apologize.


I muttered.  I mumbled.  I displayed disapproving body language.  And to be honest, I thought . . . she must be a homeschooler . . . her kids are slightly older than mine . . . why else or how else could she be out shopping with perfectly healthy children at 11:30 AM? 

So, I thought . . . Gosh . . . I might see her at some homeschooling thing.  I can’t get violent.  But I wanted to.

I felt so sad . . . sad for how insane, crazy, bewildered those kids looked.  If their mom won’t apologize or be mature, why should her kids?

Part of me wanted to pray for them right there . . . extend a white flag . . . BUT he bit my kid!!!!  That is rather cannibalistic. 

In the end, we became victims . . . doing nothing.  Only gossiping about them to the Stride Rite employees after the Red Dye #40 family left.  That wasn’t right of me.  Sorry. 

If my kid hurt another child, you better believe there will be a consequence. There is a right and wrong.  (Thank you for that lesson today Apologia).  If we have to do a time out in public, leave a store with a full shopping cart, or miss a play date . . . we do that. 

No “appearance” is more important than doing the right thing.  And even if it is embarrassing, especially if it involves a stranger, we ask for forgiveness.

I’m just dumbfounded.  And blogging or rather writing is how I process.

I’m so thankful I started my amino’s today.

What would you have done?


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