Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Room School House (week 1)

An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.  Anatole France

Starting school was like opening up a present.  It’s messy but it is contained . . . a framework for our day . . . providing purpose, closeness, and conversation.


We launched the first day with a new tradition, that succeeded in being educational.  Thus, I was better able to justify breakfast out.  Wafting through the air like the warm aroma of bagels, was addition facts set to music. 

Despite what the reviews on Amazon said . . . this CD is annoying, rather grating, but it does “get the job done” by getting this facts ingrained into an absorbent young brain.


After mailing 10 books from my PaperbackSwap shelf, we headed home to the school house in the green bus.  (New and want to know who my students are -- click HERE. Or would you like to know what curriculum I was going to use . . . but have since changed—click here?)

  • Enter Square Time (not circle time)


  • BFIAR with Jesse Bear, What Will you Wear (for Gabe)


This little boy, my Gabe, later fell asleep from all of his learning. 


And later woke up with quite the hair-doo.


  • Other learning . . . lots of Jesse Bear, to be honest.  Or at least that is what the majority of my photos captured. 


Great printables for Jesse Bear can be found on Homeschool Share and Homeschool Creations or see this lesson in action at Delightful Learning.  Other blogs featuring BFIAR are listed at All of A Kind of Family.


I must say . . . we are REALLY enjoying All About Reading.  Don’t forget you can get a free book!


I had to giggle as I was organizing our All About Reading activity pages.  For the Letter U, they have an “udderly” lifelike cow part!  That will be a fun one . . .


  • We moo-ved around a lot. 


Simply because . . . they are boys.  Active boys.


  • Independent reading was sprinkled into the day.


  • Memorization, copywork, and narration weaved into our new routine.  (I am so enjoying our new approach – Classical Education.)


  • Math . . .


  • Cutting . . .


and more cutting.


  • and a little pixie dust from Peter Pan and a little Old Testament from Grapevine Studies.

What was your week like?

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