Monday, September 12, 2011


It’s rough to try something on your own.  I have good intentions each Monday morning . . . but they typically fail by 10 AM.

New Year 026

For example, I wanted to drink just chicken broth today.  Didn’t happen.  I got hungry and was trying to be a nice homeschooling mom.  Didn’t work.


The end of July welcomed vacations.  Glorious vacations and time off.  And with vacations came poor eating habits.  Enter grain.


The Engineer, Asher, and Gabe do dandy eating grain, whether it is sprouted or not.  {ahem}

But Ezra and I require an almost grain free lifestyle to maintain um . . . optimum emotional control.  (To put it nicely.) 

And Naomi – she has yet to eat grain and I probably will restrict her diet until she is 18 months. 


That’s right.  My sweetie won’t have a traditional birthday cake next month. 

Well, I got giddy this afternoon when I received an email from Cara, from Health, Home and Happiness, who has radically made my attempt at a grain free life relatively easy this past spring and summer. 

Grain Free Meal Plans- Click Here to Learn More! 

She is having her own sort of Biggest Loser competition . . . or rather “challenge.”

The timing is good.  It is being launched with cooler weather . . . the perfect time of year for chicken stock, a must when it comes to healing your gut. 

I’m excited because I don’t have to do this alone . . . this intro diet thing.

Cara’s 30 Day Intro Diet Recipe book is so amazingly helpful . . . but the whole thing is a bit daunting if you are attempting to do it on your own. 

But what if . . . what if you had fellowship?  A community?  Or someone sending you a reminder email every day for 6 weeks encouraging you?

I’d say that is perfect.  Just what I need.  Thanks, Cara!

Join me. 

Get your GAPS 30 Day Introductory Diet recipe book  (use coupon code 30days) and sign up to be a part of this healing group.

I am!

Confused?  Don’t know what the GAPS diet is?  In short, it is a great way to rest and restore the gut lining, which can help with food allergies, skin rashes, digestive trouble, behavior issues, yeast, and more.

To learn more, click and visit:

(PS.  There are affiliate links in this post . . . but I use them only because I actually USE Cara’s meal plans.  They rock!)

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