Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Life of Joseph: A Review and Giveaway

It was with much anticipation and eagerness that we started school today.  I wrestled with our start date . . . being one of the last to launch our studies out of my group of friends.


As I was prepping Monday night for the big day, butterflies attempted to take flight.  I thought myself silly . . . as did the Engineer.  Regardless of my experience in teaching, I was still nervous. 

Maybe it was because I wanted everything perfect.  I desired that my students enter with excitement, curiosity, and thirst for new knowledge. 


As I nestled into my teacher chair this morning, I breathed a sigh of contentment.  Content, not that I am homeschooling, content because I was in the Word with my kiddos . . . enjoying fellowship with them and rich conversations.

So, if you think that Stick Figuring Through the Bible is just for homeschoolers, think again. 

It’s for any family that has a desire to study the living Word of God together relying on Scripture to interpret Scripture.  Priceless.


This past summer (that ended yesterday for us) was spent studying about a man named Joseph.  He traveled to Canada with us and later to Wisconsin.  I must admit Joseph was largely ignored in Wisconsin, BUT the fact remains that GrapeVine Studies will travel.


Just like your Bible.  Just like God. 

Not much has changed regarding how we study the Bible using our GrapeVine Bible curriculum, other than my new markers.


My IRL friend, Dianna Wiebe, has a tendency (which I love) to use rather colorful drawings.


I never had the right colors for our last Grapevine study, much to the dismay of my sons.

Not so now. 


Like I said, not much has changed how we study the Bible.   But Grapevine has made some huge changes on their end that are pretty slick.  And are slightly tree-hugging.  Which I like.

Notice in the above picture . . . 4 lessons are on one page instead of only two lessons being hosted on one page (as illustrated in the below picture).

www.grapevinestudies.comassetsimagesSampleLessonsOTBeginnerSampleLesson.pdf - Google Chrome 962011 33715 PM.bmp

The Joseph lesson begins with a timeline . . . an overview to give you and your children an idea of the grand scheme . . . the entire story.


After taking the survey, you then enter the story . . . you begin to grasp the details of the story so that you can apply them to your life. 


Each lesson ends with a review.


I heart Grapevine Studies . . . especially knowing what I know about the people behind this curriculum.

You have the opportunity to join us in studying Joseph this year! 

Enter to Win a hard copy or an ebook of the Life of Joseph (complete with teacher’s manual)

from GrapeVine Studies! 

Multi-Level Joseph Student

or you may purchase them directly from Grapevine Studies at 20% off all items NOT on already on sale using the coupon code blog55

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