Thursday, September 8, 2011


I sometimes wonder if there are giveaways that I have won and I just failed to somehow get clued in about it . . . like maybe my SPAM folder grabbed it.

Such is the case today.  I am announcing a new winner of the Counter Top Yogurt.  I need to make some myself.  The new winner has 48 hours to contact me.

Check out how thick my last batch was.  Boy was it yummy.


Of course, using heaving whipping cream . . . adding a bit of cocoa and raw honey . . . why wouldn’t it be good?


This new bountiful bacteria culture will be sitting on Sela’s countertop.  Be sure to congratulate her over on her blog

And if you are now craving this creamy delight that coats your belly with happy guys . . . you can order a starter culture over at Cultures for Health. 

Click her to Make Yogurt at Home


The winner for the Learn to Cook Real Food course is actually in my neck of the woods.  She is an in-real-life-friend!

Congrats, Charity R! 

If any of you would still like to take the Learn to Cook Real Food course (which I highly recommend), you may still enroll! 

Here is the original post about the benefits of this online cooking class.  Let me remind you that in addition to the course, you receive a bonus lesson and three months worth of Simple Dinners!  (Which I spoke of in this test post.)

Sign up before September 15th to receive the introductory price and use the coupon code GRANOLAMOM for an additional $25 off.

This is an affiliate link, but I would greatly appreciate you using it!  (I hope to buy my friend Renee a class!)


***** Future giveaways include one ticket to the Apologia Live conference, Tropical Traditions coconut flour, and a set of flyers (perfect for Relevant?). *******

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