Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Growing

Growing.  While I hope to be shrinking, I find that internally I am expanding . . . growing.  Growing in what it means to be a mature adult and handle my feelings in a non-volcanic way, void of an eruption.

Growing.  Being ok with bugs taking up residence in my refrigerator.

Growing.  Being bolder with my faith and being able to give a reason for the hope which I have and profess.


Growing.  Being quicker to ask for forgiveness and admit when I have been in the wrong.  (However if I haven’t apologized to you, maybe I don’t know I offended you.)

Growing.  In a knowledge of essential oil.

Growing.  Abounding in  a new love for my children that can laugh at once annoying things (thank you amino supplements).

Growing.  Strength, determination, grit to slay the beast of gluttony and put a noose around my lazy thyroid or pituitary gland to guide it into submission; rather, wake them up.

Growing.  Seeing my absolute necessity to be in the Word before my children wake up.

Growing.  Just when I thought I couldn’t adore the Engineer any more . . . my heart expands even more because of some humorous antic he has performed.


If you wrote for 5 minutes about the word “growing,” what would you say?  Join me and others over at The Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday.

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