Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peanut Butter O’Clock

I think I made the most unhealthiest dessert of my life. 


And my husband fed it to his office buddies.  You know . . . the same ones that dress up in Gen Con outfits

Every day . . . at 4pm . . . the Engineer and his cohorts, gather together to eat peanut butter. 

For such an occasion I made them chocolate peanut butter pie.  I made them this pie because they drove all over tarnation last week, in search of peanut butter pie. 

Quite honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if these gentlemen actually work.  The Engineer has had to work more from home . . . I’m wondering if it is because they are eating too many bonbons spoons of peanut butter instead of typing away at their computers.  Crunching complicated algorithms.  You know, science. 

Digg that.  (Inside joke)

I can’t bring myself to post the recipe, as the only organic ingredient . . . well . . . there wasn’t one.  It was entirely processed. 

I’m sorry.  I hope you aren’t disappointed. 

But if you do need a quick and easy dessert that is rich beyond belief, visit The Pioneer Woman.

Maybe now they will make good on their promise of a song for the blog. 

*Please note, if you are new to this blog or you do not know my husband and his co-workers, many aspects of this blog post may not make sense.  This is a sponsored post by my husband for his friends.  I am being paid with a coffee when my husband comes home.  {Insert sly grin}

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