Wednesday, March 14, 2012


If you haven’t allowed your child to play MakaziVille, I highly recommend this online game.


What is MakaziVille?

Even though MakaziVille is a fictitious village, the issues presented are very real to the Tanzanian people of Africa. The game teaches children how the following factors work together to build and improve individual and community life: Bible translation, church growth, medical care, education, family relationships, growing in faith, business management and the village at large.

My kids have been enjoying it . . . as have I!

You will journey to Tanzania, learn facts about the country and Bible translation. We are in the process of building a village.


The game is interactive.  There are times where it requires your child to step away from the computer, and wait for the parent to check his or her email.  That email contains something special for you to read and discuss with your child. 


I was also surprised to find that I received updates in my inbox regarding what the boys were doing in MakaziVille and what videos they had watched.  I was also provided with discussion topics related to these videos.

I have come to trust MakaziVille enough that yesterday, I allowed them to play while I worked out. 


And when I was done working out, I knew what they had done in Makazi-land.

MakaziVille is a great resource to understand who the Vidunda people are and how Bible translations works. 

Consider sponsoring the translation of a Bible verse each month for the Vidunda people living in Tanzania.

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