Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Heart’s Frontier: A Review

Go and grab The Heart’s Frontier on your Kindle now!!!  I adored The Heart’s Frontier by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith. 

This book is described as an Amish meets the wild-West piece of fiction and that is a true statement! 

Emma Switzer’s family is transporting her out west to aid a relative.  However, they never reach their destination due to the fact that their wagon and animals are stolen by robbers.  In their search for help, the Switzer family prays that the Lord would make it abundantly clear as to who was supposed to help them.  Luke Carson literally lands at their feet.

Excited to be leading his first cattle drive, Luke doesn't initially want to help this Amish family whose clothing and ideas are so far removed from his own.  But his conscience gets the best of him and he finds himself intertwined with this family.

Little does he know, that later it is this family who will help him redeem his cattle drive . . . and he just might find a wife in the process.

Do read The Heart’s Frontier!!!!

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