Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heart of the Country: A Review

Heart of the Country initially grabbed my attention.  But towards the middle, my attention waned.  In fact, I even switched to a different book for a few days. 

I guess I thought the characters were behaving . . . out of character.  Almost ridiculous. 

This surprised me, because I have liked other Rene Gutteridge books. 

Faith and Luke Carraway make a great married couple.  Faith is a country girl who appreciates her new life filled with money.  She loved her husband and faithfully supported him, despite not measuring up to Luke’s family standards. 

Luke finds himself caught in a major financial scandal and he looks guilty. 

At this point, I became frustrated with the novel.

Faith and Luke fight.  This is the first time in the history of their marriage, despite all of the obstacles they had overcome -- that they fight. 

And Faith walks out on Luke . . . in his hour of need.  And he lets her!!  They don’t speak for a long time.  Not even one text message!

This just didn’t follow suit with how the characters had been developed up until this conflict.  Then to top it all off . . . Faith entertains thoughts towards a man from her town, when she goes to hide while figuring out her feelings for her husband.

I don’t get it.  I’m sorry . . . this is not a book I can recommend to you. 

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