Friday, March 9, 2012

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

The little white truck with the cute dog pulled up to our house.  A short woman carried my green box to our red door. 


I brought it in to our white kitchen. 


And my purple clad daughter opened its contents. 

“Oh Jesus, how I pray this Pleasant Word of mine won’t linger over food, but instead whip up Bible studies rich in savory Truth.”

Today ends day 1.5 of the Slique Regime.  I’m on my way towards winning that $5000.   


My day is simple.  Thank goodness.  My dishes . . . significantly less.  Thank you Young Living.


However, Asher remarked today, “Why are you eating a bunch of Young Living food?” 

Yes, my children are VERY familiar with the Young Living brand.  After all, it is what they ask for before an icepack or Arnica.


I am thankful that one meal is replaced with the Balance Complete shake.  I know that I am steering away from my standard granola-like eating . . . but I have to make some radical changes for a season.


(For example, instead of eating at church with the boys the other night . . . I brought my shake and just added water.)

I have to die to old habits.  And for me, that requires radically changing my eating habits for a season.


Don’t worry, I’m still going to be taking my multi-vitamins, super duper green algae, probiotic, and cod liver oil.  I will continue to use high quality butter, coconut oil, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  You can bet that meat will still be in my diet, along with raw milk and raw honey.

BUT not my precious.  My precious mochas

Thanks to Humboldt County Tea and my electric hot pot I am surviving on significantly less coffee in my life.

I am a total food addict.  I am purposing in my belly to eat to live not to live to eat.

Here is my new eating pattern.  Lord help me.


  • Balance Complete meal replacement shake (probably with some frozen fruit and kefir)
  • NingXia Red


Mid-morning snack:

  • 2-3 drops Slique Essence in water kefir
  • fruit, steamed veggies, or nuts


  • Slique Tea 15 minutes before meal
  • 2 Essentialzymes-4 with meal
  • light, well-balanced meal (many of my recipes are from Perfect Weight America)

Afternoon snack:

  • 2-3 drops Slique Essence in water kefir
  • fruit, steamed veggies, or nuts



  • Slique Tea 15 minutes before meal
  • 2 Essentialzymes-4 with meal
  • light, well-balanced meal (many of my recipes are from Perfect Weight America)

Before Bed/evening snack:

  • 2-3 drops Slique Essence in water kefir, water, or low calorie beverage

Many of you have left wonderful comments wishing me the best, but that due to the cost of Slique you could not join me in this journey. 


I completely understand financial limitations.  Were it not for my growing Young Living Oil home business, I too, would not be able to afford my Slique Kit. 

And I have something to admit.  I’m not all that keen on the taste of Slique tea. 

So, I have partnered with my friend Dan from Humboldt Tea Company.  He is the one who originally got me hooked on drinking Oolong Tea for easy weight loss and pain free daily cleansing. 

What is so special about Iron Goddess Slimming Oolong?  Humboldt County Tea  says,

Dr. Oz references slimming oolong regularly as a method of adding a natural metabolic booster to one's diet.  Ti Quan Yin, or Iron Goddess of Mercy, is the preferred choice of tea masters the world over for its perfect balance between the health characteristics of green and the depth in taste of black teas.

By simply drinking 3-4 twelve ounce cups of Iron Goddess each day, it alone will account for 7 - 10 lbs. of weight loss in a year.  Considering that one single dose of Iron Goddess leaves will steep 5 - 6 cups easily, it's a real value.  This tea is good for your vital organs and your blood pH by alkalizing your fluids, and by de-toxifying the tissues.

Want to lose weight with me?  But you don’t want to purchase the Slique Kit?

For every ounce of Iron Goddess Slimming Oolong you  purchase, Dan will include a free ounce of Cedarberg Rooibos Herbal Chai . . .

Why drink an after-dinner tea? 

The Cedarberg Rooibos Herbal Chai is an excellent cup in the evenings to chase the munchies away, satisfying the indulgent impulses that come after dinner, but with no caffeine. 

Rooibos nurtures the liver with micro-nutrients -- containing over a dozen trace minerals and several vitamins. It is excellent for digestion.

Mothers in South Africa bottle feed their infants who suffer from colicky cramps, easing their tummies and providing relief.

Last but not least, Rooibos contains more “anti-aging anti-oxidants” than green or white tea, and is excellent for the skin, providing elasticity and protection from the sun's harmful effects.

The coupon code for your next cup of tea is GRANOLAMOM.

Caveat:  a $10 minimum purchase is required.  In exchange, one full ounce of Organic Cedarberg Rooibos Chai will be included with any order of Iron Goddess of Mercy Slimming Oolong ordered with the above code.  As always for my readers, Dan will include a complimentary sample of something new with every order.

Go give Humboldt County Tea a visit!  And allow the man with the grey outfit come to your mailbox in his white truck.

Need help picking some other teas out?  Check out this blog post, Can I Make You Some Tea?

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