Friday, March 16, 2012

You Are Already Amazing: A Review

I lied to you.  The title of this book is really You’re Already Amazing.  But the font embedded in my blog doesn’t allow for apostrophes in the title. 

Let me just start by saying that I felt valuable before I even broke the binding of this book open.  My review copy came with a card . . . one from Holley  (or someone posing as Holley – thanks Revell). 


Of all of the reviews I have done from big publishers, I have NEVER had a personal touch such as this. 

And the card has remained in my book serving as a bookmark. 


You’re Already Amazing is a book written to be engaged with.  You will need a pen because I anticipate that you will be underlining poignant thoughts and answering some soul searching questions provided by Holley. 

I don’t really know where to begin.  I am going to have to reread You’re Already Amazing to do the real work to begin to process and accept the title, you’re already amazing.


Perhaps God knew I was going to have a serious time accepting His quality work when He crafted me.  And so, thanks to Holley, a simple Bible verse has become a powerful companion to my self-esteem,

I have filled him {her} with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts.  Exodus 31:3

Though the verse was intended to describe God’s provision for the construction of the Temple, Holley remarks, “This verse reveals that God’s hand is in our skills, in the ordinary things we do.  And they matter.  A lot.” 



I often feel a little unusual about being a blogger writer.  The common response I get is, “How do you have time for that?” or “I don’t have time to read those blogs.”  Thanks. 

Imagine people’s reactions when I pull out my bag of essential oils . . . you would think I was pulling out the Ouija board or anointing people with dog poop. Hello!  Essential oils are the first line of response God left on earth after prayer!  I’m not practicing voodoo but instead using what God has shown me to bring health to others.

And that whole home birth thing . . .

So when I go to do somewhat normal things . . . like quilting . . . making  yogurt . . . or sprouting grain . . . I think . . . why can’t I just be normal?  Even the simple things I engage in seem different than the average mom.

But I can’t be normal.  I have to be God’s normal.  I am already amazing.  Man, that feels kooky to write. 


Do you know that you are amazing?  It is so much easier for me to tell you that than for me to believe it myself.  Do you believe it?  Do you see that  your unique strengths and skills are a valuable part of God’s creation?

Here is what I would recommend for you. 

  • Read through Holley’s book by yourself first. 
  • Then, go and form a small group (Sarah has some great ideas on how to do this) and read through it again . . . but truly process it.  Discuss.  Be vulnerable with this small selection of ladies.
  • Or participate in the (In) Courage book club.  Click here to view the reading schedule.

You can find Holley Gerth over on her blog, Heart to Heart with Holley, on Twitter, and Pinterest.

You’re Already Amazing can be purchased in paperback on Amazon for $11.19 or for your Kindle  at a low low price at the time of this writing -- $3.99.  (Remember Kindle books can be read on most any device these days . . . including your computer.)

Thanks Revell for sending me this book to read and review.  I have been blessed by Holley’s words.  I was not paid for this post and gave my honest opinion . . . it is a good book. 

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