Thursday, March 8, 2012

Only Pay Half of Your Taxes

Did I get your attention?  Good.

Just wanted to pass on a little sale.  Remember that book I read a few weeks back, about blogging and taxes and home businesses? 

Well, that book is half off. 

Read my review . . . but even better . . . if you purchase this book . . . you have access to the author, Nikki Hughes.  You can email her DIRECTLY with any tax questions you have. 

March 15th is the tax deadline for businesses.

April 16th is the tax deadline for individuals.

Which are you?  One or both?

It was $4.99 and for the first 50 people it is 50% off  (here is the math for you . . . according to the Paypal check out:  $2.50) with the coupon code: 50forMarch15

Head on over to Tax Talk and Tips.  (And yes, I am an affiliate.)

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