Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love Notes

I knew that the Hottie Hubby was working hard on sharpening the lawnmower blade.  It seemed to be taking a long time.

april 007

I went on with my task.  Glad that my job of mowing the overgrown grass would be easier with this freshly chiseled blade.

When the blade was put back onto our lawnmower, the Hottie said to me, “Jodi, come on over here.  Make sure I put this on right.”

I thought to myself . . . he is asking me to check a mechanical object that could potentially sever a limb?  He wants me to check his work?   The man is a genius.  Why ask me?

april 014 

Little did I know the reason behind this “safety check.”

Do you see it?

Let me give you a close up of one of the Hottie’s most creative love notes yet in 17+ years . . .

april 015

Ok . . . now it is my turn to get creative . . .

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