Monday, April 19, 2010

The TV Teacher’s Alphabet Beats: A Review


This super cheesy video is effective.  Miss Marnie has no problems relating to your child and making handwriting fun.  Mr. Me-Too and Mr. Smackdown could easily watch this video in one sitting, though it is recommended that only 3-4 letters be viewed at a time!

AlphaBeats 002

The story behind The TV Teacher is unique and inspiring.  Alphabet Beats was birthed from one mom (Susan Ellis) trying to help her autistic son, Ryan, learn to write.  Through a collaboration with Ryan’s therapist, Marnie Danielson, they created Alphabet Beats for video loving Ryan.  Ryan loved his first letter video and began writing, while Susan and Marnie frantically worked to create 25 more Alphabet Beats videos. 

The entire collection can now be purchased from The TV Teacher Videos

We viewed and used Alphabet Beats: Writing UPPERCASE Letters ($35).  To do it all over again, I wish I had asked for the lowercase video.  There was nothing wrong with the uppercase video--only that the reality is that writing is comprised of mostly lower case letters.  

There are several free downloads available from The TV Teacher website to help your child more closely mimic what Miss Marnie is doing on the TV screen.  Additionally, you can purchase spiral bound workbooks suitable for both writing with the left or right hand. 

I am considering purchasing the lower case video . . . but I will probably wait until August to officially decide if Mr. Me-Too needs the extra practice and encouragement.  He becomes easily frustrated with practicing his letters . . . hence the super long stick for the “B.”

AlphaBeats 003

And to be honest . . . the price is mainly what is holding me back.

Oh, and just so you know . . . forget those Baby Einstein videos that introduce letters.  Have your toddler watch Alphabet Beats.  There are plenty of visually stimulating pictures that accompany each letter introduced and it will prepare them to write later!

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