Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I’m Gonna Tell You Something But . . .

. . . don’t go enter the giveaway. (Did I just write that?)

Is that wrong?  Selfish?

OK . . . I know it is both.  But at least I am honest.

My bloggy friend, Carisa, is hosting a giveaway of something that I have been trying to win for a while now.  You can go to her website to read more about it.  (Insert subliminal message:  Don’t go.  Go get a coffee instead.  Go outside.  Look at the dishes in the sink.  Shouldn’t you wash them?)

I really want this in CD format because it would make my life simpler.  At least it would make Tot School a little simpler for next year—when I have  a new student.


Erica, over at Confessions of a Homeschooler, is graciously allowing Carisa to host a giveaway of this GREAT printable curriculum.  You can get it for free at Erica’s site, or pay $10 and get it as a bundle and reward Erica for her hard work!

So, now that I have blogged about it . . . forget that you ever read this post!

I’m warped.  I know. 

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