Friday, April 9, 2010

Microwave Experiment Update

OK . . . I feel kind of bad.  You are all, well not all of you, but a lot of you are excited about my microwave experiment. 

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, read the original blog post I wrote about my wresting with harboring a microwave in our home.

But here is how the pansies look today . . . almost two weeks later.

crocks 033 crocks 035 crocks 034

Which one do you think looks the WORST?  The BEST?

Now, I do have to be a little honest with you. 

Twice the poor plants have slept outside for the night.  But they recovered well. 

And one of those nights . . . well, they got caught in a horrendous thunderstorm.  But the plant that was thrown carelessly to the ground by an relentless wind, is actually doing the best.  I won’t tell you which plant because I don’t want to jade your opinion.

. . . Which is only helping to support my theory more.  (Hint, Hint)

Water does make a difference.  The elements can treat you like crap, but good water is the substance of life.  Well, Jesus is . . . but we haven’t shared the 4 Laws with our pansies yet.  And I doubt that it would make a difference, with pansies, that is.  (I however am different – the 4 Laws taught me all about Jesus.)

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