Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Trail Mix Day

I’ve never called Trail Mix . . . Trail Mix.  I have always known it as GORP, “good ‘ol raisins and peanuts.”  Except growing up, my mom always threw in coconut flakes and M & M’s (much to my dad’s delight). 

Granola Day 045

In honor of National Trail Mix Day, we sampled some Bear Naked Trail Mix.  We nibbled on  Cranberry Protein,

Granola Day 054

and devoured Chocolate Cherry.

Granola Day 053

In our home taste test, Mr. Smackdown like the Cranberry Protein the best.

Granola Day 051

And without a doubt, which you can observe from Sir Honey’s full mouth, he and I liked the Chocolate Cherry the best.

Granola Day 050

Thanks, Bear Naked for sending us a treat to properly celebrate National Trail Mix Day!  But there is one problem . . . I really like your chocolate cherry mix.  You knew that would happen, though.

For those of you who would like something from Bear Naked . . . you can fan them on Facebook and get a coupon (while supplies last).

Happy Trail Mix Day!  Go on a hike!  Enjoy God’s creation!

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