Friday, August 13, 2010

Flight to Heaven: A Review

Flight to Heaven

I was a bit skeptical to read Captain Black’s testimony of his Flight to Heaven

I had read a different book regarding another man’s journey to heaven . . . and was disappointed on the self-focus of said unnamed book. 

However, boy was I SURPRISED to find myself being challenged personally by reading about God’s transforming work in Captain Black’s  life. 

For years, Captain Dale Black kept what happened to him following a deadly plane crash secret, not feeling released from the Lord to share his story. 

I think this is what gives the man and his book credibility, along with plenty of scripture.  This book isn’t about heaven as the title suggests.   This book is totally about GOD.  It’s not about an EXPERIENCE or a FEELING but rather scripture and how God is still at work in real people’s lives. 

Captain Black didn’t write a story to create drama and publicity.  He didn’t write a story to give glory to himself.  This book is truly a work dedicated to sharing God’s powerful message of love and salvation. 

This book does what all Christian books should do . . . spur the reader on in their individual walk with the Lord, impart scripture, and give all of the glory to God.

Great book, good read.  Thanks so much for being sensitive to God’s timing, Captain Black.

This book was given to me for free from Bethany House.  I was not paid for this post, nor do I have to return the book. I was given free reign to express my true opinion. 

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