Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Day

We’ve moved. 

moving day 002

The truck that provided transportation was gi-normous. 

moving day 003 

We are still unpacking . . . organizing. 

moving day 006

And when all of the moving stuff is done, I am sure that as we come up for air, Sweet Pea will be born.

moving day 010

Such is life.

But here is a small testament to all of the AMAZING people who basically dedicated ALL of their weekend or some of their weekend to moving us.

moving day 007(Casey was moving so quickly that I couldn’t capture her!) 

It was an honor to be served by these people. 

moving day 008(Jackie cleaned my blinds . . . they umm . . . hadn’t been done in awhile.) 

They cleaned, told me to sit down, packed, organized, took a swing set apart, set up our Wii, unpacked our kitchen, set up our school room, organized the boy’s rooms, CLEANED some disgusting bathrooms at the new house (including fingernails), made my bed, watched our children . . . and so much more.

moving day 004

It was AMAZING.  Our home fellowship, family, and friends  R.O.C.K.

moving day 009(Desperate for a table, I guess, someone set the kiddos up for dinner on top of Mussie’s dog food table.  Hmm. . . don’t know how I feel about that, but it worked.) 

And here is what was truly fun to see . . . when all was said and done-- the boxes unloaded, full bellies, the truck returned . . . God used our new house for its intended purpose: a place of refuge, fun, and fellowship.

All the guys were found downstairs playing the Wii . . .

moving day 023 

To all of the countless people who helped make our move possible . . . we thank you.  We love you all and felt so insanely blessed by your labor and love.

Thanks again . . . because . . . well, I probably won’t get a thank you note written and put in the mail. 

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