Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remote Controlled Cars

I don’t believe I have ever been so thankful for my mother-in-law’s remote controlled car as yesterday.

school 020

I went to the library. 

I have a tendency to get a little carried away at the library.  The books are free.  Why not?

So, I filled my arms with Letter E books, art books, drawing books, and books all about Eric Carle.  Plus, a Baby Bunny Book Bag was begging to be taken home.

school 021

I failed to consider the fact that I am very pregnant. 

On that note, let’s take a side trip.  In the past two days, I have had two people say to me something along the lines (and in complete love), “You are looking rather large – are you sure your due date is correct?”

Then, the check-out guy at Target said to me, “You’re about ready to go any day aren’t you?” 

Had I not had an excellent midwife visit yesterday, in which for the third time in a row I measured three weeks farther along than I am, I would have been offended by all of these comments.

But . . . I simply couldn't agree more with everyone.

Anyhoodle, back to the library. 

I had 29 books, a backpack with my laptop, and one Baby Bunny Bookbag to transport down a long hallway, into an elevator, through double doors, and out into a large parking lot to my MIL’s car, who just so happens to have a car that responds to a little button that you can press and up goes the trunk.


Or as Mr. Smackdown once said, “Nice Lexus, Mama.”

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