Friday, August 20, 2010

She is just a dog, right?

The Hottie and I have had many conversations about our dog recently. 

school 2 005

Obviously, you can see that she is doing well . . . and looking rather regal. No, relaxed.  

No, queen-like. 

Did we make the right decision to have her get surgery?

Was it worth the money? 

Of course, the answer is a resounding yes but still “if” questions linger in my mind.

school 2 007

I claim that we had to allow the surgery.  My fear was that if we failed to attempt to heal her, the next time the kids got sick they might think that we would withhold medical treatment due to cost.

That wouldn’t instill much security in our children.

school 2 009

However, surly they know that she is JUST a dog.  Right?

I mean, dogs eat the same food every day.  They poop outside. They are poor communicators.  They often get left at home.  They have to wear a collar.  They lay on the ground.

school 2 006

Don’t worry, Hottie.  She’s off the couch now.  I just couldn’t resist a little photo shoot when I discovered her up on the furniture.

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