Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tot School: 27 months

Tot School

 Mr. Smiley, age 27 months

Tot Trays

Because our new school room doesn’t have a lot of storage we are using his old Tot Shelf for storage instead.   Therefore,  Mr. Smiley now finds his Tot Trays on the hearth, 3 per day.  While Mr. Smackdown and Sir Honey Velcro their way through workboxes, Mr. Smiley has been happily occupied exploring his trays. 

August 069

  • exploration tub filled with rocks, marbles, army guys, plastic jewels and cork
  • paper/crayons
  • counting bears/stacking cups

August 077

Smiley really enjoyed filling and dumping his stacking cups with bears.

school 008

  • A friend and I split some counting disks from Oriental Trading.  I let Smiley’s imagination do the work . . . he decided to fill the muffin tin with the disks.  Each time he put a new disk in, I told him what color it was.

school 019

  • Another fun purchase from Oriental Trading – counting links.  His brothers had to use chop sticks to pick them up, but Smiley grabbed them by the handful and placed them in a container. 

school 024

  • placing Styrofoam peanuts in a bucket

school 028 

  • Instead of reading books, Mr. Smiley stacked his library books!

Life School

Mr. Smackdown started soccer at our church.  Smiley was a great assistant coach. 

August 010

He took his first shower and adored the experience.  Pictured with him is Leon, his very special “night night” animal.

school 011

My Favorite (s)

August 026

I know he will hate me for this one day but I just can’t resist.  Mr. Smackdown recently celebrated his 6th birthday.  As a treat, their Nana (my mom) brought all three boys a balloon. 

BUT . . . Smiley’s balloon got just out of his reach.

Asher 6th birthday 074

One second later . . . there, there that’s better.

Asher 6th birthday 076

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