Friday, August 6, 2010


One of Mr. Smackdown’s gifts is hospitality.

Meeting neighbors 002

OK . . .  Seriously.

Meeting neighbors 006

However, the Hottie just thinks that a little boy wanted to sample some cookie dough.  I prefer to think he genuinely wanted to meet and bless our new neighbors.

Since the day we moved in to our new house . . . so since Sunday, he has asked me if we could bake something and take it to each of our neighbors. 

Meeting neighbors 001

We made one batch of cookies yesterday . . . and I found a way to accomplish this without chocolate chips.  (I only make chocolate chip cookies.)

Meeting neighbors 004

Let’s just say that cooking is way easier in the new house.  They stood on one side of the counter and I on the other.

Meeting neighbors 005

I think the kids will get to try their hand at fermenting soon.

And I am sure there will be some theatrics to accompany their new culinary skills.

Meeting neighbors 003

By the way, we made thumbprint cookies.  No, they weren’t exactly organic . . . or whole foods.  But they were made with local blueberry jam.  That has to count for something, right?

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