Monday, September 13, 2010

B90x: Week 11, Day 71

I decided that it was time to fess up and let you all know that I am indeed not Wonder Woman.  The reality is that I have not reached my goal that I was going to gloat upon this morning.


  • to have caught up on my Bible reading (I left that in a comment over on Mom’s Toolbox.)
  • to blog about my reading and learning

canoeing 037

Though, I did consume many excellent passages this past week, it wasn’t enough to allow me access into Day 71’s reading of Mark 9, though I must admit I am super excited to enter the New Testament. 

I have decided that Lamentations is not nearly as long a book as I had perceived it to be and that Jeremiah and Ezekiel probably weren't fun men to be around, though mighty men for God. 

last hurrah 078(This was where the Hottie and I did our Bible reading yesterday during the last few hours of our Last Hurrah.  In case you are wondering, the location is the 100 Acres over at the IMA.) 

In fact, Ezekiel sparked a nightmare in my overly active imagination.  I woke up to myself gagging this morning. 


I was dreaming about a person who wasn’t allowed to bathe and was essentially given the same instructions as Ezekiel, having to lay on their side for 390 days.  I was quite disgusted yesterday when I read about this.  Originally God commanded Ezekiel to cook his food over human excrement.  (But I wondered how he was to accomplish this if he was bound.)  Thankfully the fuel was changed to cow dung.  I felt better about that having witnessed this in India. 

The stench and dirt that had accumulated on the  person in my dream was unbearable.  And as any pregnant woman would do in my situation, well . . . you wake up gagging. 

I wanted to get up early anyways.

last hurrah 079

To learn more about the Bible in 90 Days, head on over to Mom’s Toolbox.

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