Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Hurrah

The definition of a last hurrah is as such:  the last time you go out overnight with your spouse in complete freedom, unencumbered by a diaper bag or worrying about feedings,  before your newborn baby arrives.

last hurrah 006

The secondary reason a couple would go on a Last Hurrah is to pick out the tag-along baby’s name.

We did go on a Last Hurrah this past weekend, BUT we did not accomplish the desired result of a baby name for Sweet Pea.  However, the little girl did make her presence known.  I had contractions the entire weekend. 

last hurrah 008 Creation Cafe

I wish I could tell you the four names on the list and take a blog vote, but I can’t. 

last hurrah 003Vanilla Italian Cream Soda 

But I am showing you a few pictures of our fun weekend. 

last hurrah 028 Slow Foods Garden in Downtown Indy

We were pretty excited about the design of this garden . . . and hope to model some of its layout in our garden this coming spring.

last hurrah 029

last hurrah 035Kayaking along the Canal 

last hurrah 057

Enjoying the Indianapolis Museum of Art

last hurrah 060The IMA is a photographers playground!

last hurrah 061

The view for my Quiet Time

And I know you are waiting for our traditional and very mature pictures of what is allowed as a very special treat in our family . . . adults included in this particular circumstance.  The family rule is that if you stay in a hotel you get to jump on the bed.  We couldn’t let our boys down!  They were expecting a picture.

last hurrah 043 

And I know you want to see a pregnant lady jump on a bed . . .

last hurrah 049

Hope you had a good weekend! 

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