Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Princess Bible: A Review

I have a pink book in my possession.  I almost begged, pleaded, groveled with Tyndale House Publishers to allow me to review this book for them. 


Imagine 6 years of reading books that are blue.  No glitter. 

Not anymore!  I have a glitter book just waiting to be read to Sweet Pea and it is about how God loves and created her. 

Written by Andy Holmes (a favorite children’s author of mine) and illustrated by Sergey Eliseev, the My Princess Bible is a sweet book that reveals to young girls what it means to be a true princess, a daughter of the King.  Each chapter identifies a female from the Bible and how God used her in history, imparting that person’s worthy character trait to your child.  For example, in the story of Ruth it closes with the fact that “a princess (Ruth) loves her family.”  Following this, the parent adds, “Sweet Pea (or your child’s name) is God’s special princess.  Sweet Pea loves her family.”

I love the snapshots of each of these important characters in history that has shaped who we are today and the value that these historic women can still instill in the little girls we are called to train up in godliness and purity.

I recommend this book either as a gift or for the Godly princess growing in your life.  You can purchase it for $12.99 or try and win a copy over a MamaBuzz

I received this book for free from Tyndale House Publishers.  I was not paid for this post nor do I have to return this book. 

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