Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preschool Corner

preschool corner

soccer 029

  Sir Honey, Age 4

(The black eye is compliments of the dog and an unseen leash.)

Square Time

As of today, we will have been in school 25 days.  Sir Honey loves his job of picking the color of the day, rotating who puts the number up on the calendar, and the “snap snap” days of the week song

Last week we studied the Letter U and this week we are looking at the Letter D.  (We skipped a few letters since I have a blog post coming up about Dinosaurs!) 


  • Letter O number practice --

september 021 

Magneatos 008

Letter U 001

  • Helped Mr. Smiley do his school work …

Letter U 039

Letter U 042

  • Painted with marbles to create a fire for the Little House on the Prairie cabin.

  Letter U 065

  • Played a great game of soccer . . .

soccer 026

Life School

  • Sir Honey spent lots of time with Auntie or “Ne-Ne,” which is what Mr. Smiley calls my dear college friend.  She helped him learn his Awana verse.

september 016

Letter U 015

  • Learned how to relax when he is in pain . . . makes things less painful (he is supposed to remind me of that when Sweet Pea is born!)  Needless to say, the Little Guy has his first black eye.  But he forgave Mussie!

soccer 011

  • Had a great time playing with cousins for our September Birthday’s Celebration

soccer 060

Mommy’s Favorites

soccer 054(You will probably find Woody in EVERY picture from here on out!) 

soccer 057

He is sitting with my mom (AKA Nana) for her birthday. 

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