Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: No More Monkey’s Jumping On The Bed

It isn’t very often I post a picture up of myself.

But I’m feeling transparent . . .

I thought some of you might want another laugh

And I wanted to tell you that I measured 40 weeks today.  But I’m not 40 weeks.  But I sure look 40 weeks. 

So if I were to go into labor tonight, this would be the last picture I have of me being pregnant and jumping on a bed.

last hurrah 047

And for an action shot . . .

last hurrah 055

By the way, has anyone noticed my hair cut?  I got almost 4 inches chopped off.  Not one comment about it.  Man.  (Oh yea, you all don’t normally see me . . . you just see my family.)

And I really want to encourage you all to find that inner child in you (just kidding).  Seriously.  Live large.  Will you PLEASE go jump on a bed and take a picture for me?  Even a trampoline . . . you know it would be fun.  (Wear a diaper if you need to.  Smile.)

Then link up to the NO MORE MONKEY’S JUMPING ON THE BED photo shoot! 


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