Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guidecraft Baby Doll Cradle: A fun review

While my mom and the boys played,

Letter U 005

I did my own form of playing. 

Playing with something that I never thought would reside in our house.

 Letter U 013

A cradle.  I mean a BABY DOLL cradle . . . the kind that girls play with . . . like when they are playing house.  (We currently play sheriff and have gun battles.)

Letter U 011

It probably took me 1/2 hour to put the cradle together.  Guidecraft supplied all the parts for this precious baby doll cradle. . .

Letter U 007

. . . and only ONE page of directions!

Letter U 009

The hardest part was tightening the screws . . . but my hands are a little stiff these days.  I’ll take most of the blame.

Letter U 010  

When it was finished, I was impressed with my creation . . . well, really Guidecraft did all the craftsmanship . . . it is sturdy, made of solid wood, and it matches Sweet Pea’s furniture (though it is also available in espresso)! 

september guidecraft 037 

I actually had a couple of options of Guidecraft toys to pick out to use and review (for free).  I chose the cradle because I felt it would be good practice for the boys . . . well, mainly for Mr. Smiley, seeing as though he has never been a big brother before. 

(Anyone think Sweet Pea will be born this weekend?)

september guidecraft 039(Isn’t this a fun gift my friend, Melanie, made?) 

However, he is oblivious to it.

Letter U 014

Not his brothers, though.  They have had fun preparing this little bed and taking care of their “practice” sister (who looks like a boy).

They are going to make such good big brothers . . . really . . . they are going to make awesome dads, should the Lord tarry.

Letter U 015

You’ll be happy to know that if you have twins, they’ll fit too!

 Letter U 017

After “Baby Sister” was tucked in, Sir Honey rested beside her should she wake up crying.  He remained close to give her a toy to make her happy.

Letter U 018

The only thing I would change:  the cradle came with blue bed linens.  Have no fear though . . . my mom arrived today with matching pink gingham covers that tie in with Sweet Pea’s curtains and bed!

september guidecraft 035


september guidecraft 038

Now I just need to make the boys their slings! 

Head on over to Guidecraft to see more of their educational toys for children.  And don’t forget about Jolanthe’s Guidecraft Twitter Party on September 28th! 

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