Monday, September 27, 2010

The Simple Woman’s Daybook (4): Waiting


FOR TODAY:  Monday, September 27, 2010

I waited patiently for the Lord . . .  Psalm 40:1(a)

(This is part of the boys’ memory verse from last week, and it surfaced as I was thinking of my state of mind currently . . . and my mom gently saying . . . “it will all happen in due time.”)

Outside my window... it is beautiful.  Sunny.  The weather is calm.  Birds are happy.  Clouds are high up in the sky, with streaks of blue painted throughout. 

I am thinking... that I feel too good to be pregnant.  I also miss the Hottie when he goes to work.  I heart open windows and EARLY fall weather.  And I wonder how I can have such talkative kids, as I am not a talker.  I am amazed at how lazy I can be.

I am thankful for...  (still) a refrigerator that supplies me with endless ice.  I am incredibly blessed by some of the GREAT things that I get to review.  All because I blog.  Amazing.  I am thankful for a great weekend, a really nice Sunday, hanging out with my SIL and her finance discussing their future, Via coffee from Rose, and my spa tub.

daybook 016

(Rose gave this to me on Sunday, much to my surprise.  I loaned her my backpacking equipment and she blessed me with a gift!  Totally unexpected.  And I love this because I can only drink chai with a friend these days—otherwise I don’t enjoy chai!)

daybook 020

(For those of you who are curious as to what my tub looks like from my abundant tweets about it last night . . . here she is.  I’m so glad we figured out how to plug it in right before we called my midwife and said, “It’s broken!  It doesn’t work.”  Mental note to all you homebirthers, make sure your tub isn’t plugged into the electrical outlet that is connected to a light switch!)

From the learning rooms... We finished our workboxes from last week.  This actually was nice.  I didn’t have to load the boxes this am since I . . . um . . . slept in.  We are reading Little House on the Prairie

From the kitchen...   we are plagued with fruit flies . . .

daybook 017

I am making grape water kefir soda for the birth . . . and I promise I am working on a blog “how-to” post for you all . . . 

daybook 019

I love how my kiddos ask for tea . . . with honey,

daybook 015 

I am creating... a baby sling for Sweet Pea . . .

daybook 012

and I finished this fun mushroom sling for a gal out in Colorado this afternoon.

daybook 013

I am going... to read only my Bible in 90 Days . . . no more fiction until my goal is completed. I have until October 2nd.  At that point, I expect my water will break as soon as the last word in Revelation is read.   How’s that for a goal – as if I can control the birth aspect of it.  Sigh.

I am reading… the Bible, Frankenstein for Book Club, a birth book by Michele Odent, and a gazillion other books.

I am hoping... to take a shower, go to the post office, take the boys to pick out their sling fabric, take a walk, and read my Bible tonight.

I am hearing... Sir Honey and Mr. Smackdown play with Inchimals from Timberdoodle.

Around the house...the floors need to be swept and mopped (again). There are diapers to be hung.   

One of my favorite things...vanilla lattes, foot rubs from a certain husband, little boys saying, “I love you,” and good snail mail days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: complete washing and folding all laundry, cut some things I have laminated, work on the boys’ Awana verses, write a summary of our fancy book club night, and get a bunch of blog posts written for a slew of reviews that are due.

september guidecraft 028

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

soccer 066


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