Friday, September 24, 2010

Preschool Post: D is for Dinosaur

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Sir Honey, Age 4

dinosaurs 044

Today completes 28 days of school with a special visit from Maureen over at Spell Out Loud

And no Baby Sister.

But we did have fun learning about the Letter D for dinosaur! 

dinosaurs 013 

In honor of our study, we visited the Children’s Museum yesterday.  You can read about what we learned this week here.  We were also able to wrap our first few weeks of Hideaways in History by hanging out at the Egypt exhibit.

dinosaurs 037

Who wouldn’t like pretending to drive an auto rickshaw?

dinosaurs 038

We had a dinosaur dig . . .

september guidecraft 003

september guidecraft 011

Today we will finish up by doing a few Little House on the Prairie activities.  We read the first two chapters last night and the boys are hooked.  Currently they are devastated because the dog, Jack, appears to be left behind on the other side of the river.

We must rescue him by building a raft today.

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