Friday, September 24, 2010

She’s Real!

Most people KNOW their friends. 

You know . . . they have physically seen them.  Or they have actually met them . . . talked with them in person.  Shaken hands.    They’ve smelled each other's deodorant, or lack thereof. 

Or their pregnant bellies have hugged. 

I actually got to meet a friend for the first time today.  Yet, I already felt like I knew her. 

Kefir and Maureen 016

That is the crazy thing about blogging.  You have these friends that are real, but you have only seen them on the computer screen.  So the rest of your family and friends questions that they are real.

Perhaps they are a stalker.

But I have good news.  Maureen, from Spell Out Loud,  is an honest to goodness real pregnant woman who also happens to be living in Hoosier land. 

With cute kids.

Kefir and Maureen 015

She brought her nifty Easy Box Lunches and we all sat at the same table. 

Kefir and Maureen 014

And we still were able to talk.  It was fun!  (Girls are quieter.)

It was good for the boys, too.  ‘Cause Maureen has mostly girls. 

We talked about all things blogging, homeschooling, mothering, cloth diapering, gardening, and baby. 

All because of our blogs. 

God is good!  It was GREAT meeting you today, Maureen.  Let’s do it again!

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