Monday, February 13, 2012

Bittersweet Surrender: A Review

I picked this book to read largely because the contents of the book contain a lot of chocolate.  However, the book was not as good as eating a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Kind of disappointing.

But I pursued the end of the novel.  It got better with time, but still . . . it took WAY TO LONG for the story to engage with my imagination. 

Perhaps it was because main character , Carly, is older than myself?  Divorced?  I’m not sure . . . but it was hard to connect with this character.  She didn’t seem quite believable. 

Anyway, here is a plot for you brought to you by Amazon (I know . . . I am deviating from how I normally handle a review):

The last few years have been tough, but now Carly Westlake’s life seems picture perfect. Business at her spa is up thanks to her famous chocolate facials. And Jake Mitchell—her dreamy, teenage crush—has moved back to Spring Creek, Vermont, with his daughter in tow. Carly’s nearly floored to learn that Jake has his sights set on winning her heart.

But when long-buried secrets threaten her business—and her friendship with her best friend and business-partner, Tom—Carly has to fight like crazy to keep her plans afloat. Can it be that her dream of marrying Jake Mitchell isn’t the plan God has for her life? What if God’s plan requires something totally unexpected . . . a bittersweet surrender that Carly must make before she can discover true love?

I most likely would NOT purchase this book nor would I check it out from the library.  Sorry!

I received this book through BookSneeze.  I was not paid for this post nor do I have to return the novel.

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