Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Fabric Should I use?

I have taken up a new hobby.  Quilting,  you will recall

I am supposed to learn a new quilt block, actually two, each month.  It is almost March, and I have completed one block.  I am a wee bit behind.  But what does it matter? I’m enjoying the time I do get to quilt.

I’m hoping to quilt tonight during Biggest Loser.


I day dream about sitting before my sewing machine.  Enjoying 12 Rose Tea with a hint of honey, and pretending to chat with my instructor, Amy Gibson.  I think it is a sign that I am getting older. 


I finished my Asterick block and now I am going to make the Wonky Pound Sign

Fullscreen capture 2282012 123216 PM.bmp

So what fabric do you think I should use? 1, 2, or 3?




Would anyone be interested in joining me?  The class is free.  Even though there is a forum attached to the class, I could host a link-up where you could show off your quilting each month. 

I have to warn you . . . Craftsy will lure you in (in a good way).  The Craftsy  Marketplace has some amazing patterns . . . you can even sell your patterns.  (No commission or fee to list or sell them, unlike my experience with Etsy.)  I doubt I will ever create my own quilt pattern -- as I am a sheep when it comes to craftsy things. 

Ok.  Cast your vote!  Don’t forget to enter the Joseph Joseph Rocker giveaway!  (A garlic press in case you were wondering . . . be craftsy in the kitchen!)

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