Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogging and Taxes

Instead of reading some vacation fiction last night on June, my Kindle, I spent time with Nikki, author of Your Blogging Business


Blogging and taxes go together like peas and carrots. Tweet This!

Or . . .

A famous quote states that the two things you can be certain of are death and taxes.  I’m not worried about death.  But I need to be concerned about taxesJesus instructs us to give to Caesar (read the US Government) what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to Him.

I know that I owe the government something this year.

April 16th will be here before the Engineer and I know what hit us.

Admittedly, I figured the book “might” be kind of boring.  The reality was that I read the book in its entirety last night . . . and I learned a tremendous amount.

Like . . . all those free books I receive?  Ummm . . . I need to figure that into my taxes.  Once my income from blogging OR my essential oil business exceeds $400, the IRS wants to receive some communication from me.  All those affiliate commissions I receive . . . go on my tax return.  The items I purchase to feature on my blog . . . they can actually help me out on my tax return.  The desk and surrounding area that I blog from . . . you got it . . . can be included on my tax return.

My main problem is that I dropped out of accounting . . . when I transferred to the University of Evansville from Indiana University (IU), I thought I was going to become an accountant, like my dad. 


Though my dad is a whiz with numbers and is so savvy when it comes to business, I didn’t inherit those genes.  I like to dream . . . and spend money on those dreams.

Those dreams have lead me to blogging and having a home business.  I never figured out the whole bookkeeping and accounting thing.   

Praise the Lord, I married the Engineer. 

So, if you are a blogger . . . or you have a home business . . . and/or you use social media to drive people to your business . . . you really should read Your Blogging Business.

Tax time is just around the corner.

Grab a copy of Your Blogging Business for just $4.99 and don’t forget to “write it off” on your tax return!

Your Blogging Business answered a lot of my questions . . . and will be a tremendous asset to the Engineer when he prepares our tax return two days before April 16th.  Just kidding. 

Five days before the deadline. 

P.S.  This book isn’t just for April 16th . . . it also has some great bookkeeping skills in it too.

P.S. This post has affiliate links in it . . . and will probably end up showing up on my tax return . . . not the links . . . the income generated from those links. 

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