Thursday, February 2, 2012

Superbowl XLVI


If you don’t live in Indianapolis, then live vicariously through me for a few minutes.  The kids and I headed down to Super Bowl Village this afternoon to meet the Engineer for lunch.


I know you read my blog because I am SUCH the football fan.  You learn the latest and greatest football stats at Granola Mom 4 God.  {snort}




I tried.  I really did.  I watched the Lineman Engineer play football in high school and college.  After two “how-to play football” books and countless personal training sessions, I still remain oblivious to what is happening on the AstroTurf. 


I do know, though, that more often than not, the team who wins . . . typically practices and plays outside.  Tempestuous weather breads a hearty stock. 


Our stadium does open its windows to the big sky.  But the Colts are not in the Super Bowl.  Must be because the stadium is relatively new.


Not wanting to miss the hype, dreading the crowds, and feeling foolish at how easy it was to park . . . I became a football fan for a few brief hours.

We received a random, leather, Super Bowl football . . . not bad.

Will you be watching the game this weekend?  Will  you be multi-tasking or fully engaged?

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