Saturday, February 25, 2012

Joseph Joseph Rocker Giveaway

In a few weeks I am going to be moving.  Actually all 700+ of you will be moving.  Betcha’ didn’t know that. 

Now you do. 

At least, I sincerely hope that  you will make the move with me. 

Prepare yourself for the geek talk that is about to follow:

As I understand it, when I make my switch from Blogger to Wordpress that I will be able to transfer my Feedburner subscription . . . packing  your email address with me, without having to hire a moving truck or stuff you and yours into a cardboard box.

However, I really want to cover my bases. 

Enter my new newsletter.  That thing I have been asking  you to sign up for recently. 

It looks like this:

Go ahead.  Try it out.  Nine brave people already have, as of this morning.  Thank you, ladies. 

Why sign up for my newsletter?

There are multiple reasons.  I suppose the primary one and the reason that compelled me to seek out a newsletter subscription service, is to reward those of you who subscribe. 

How will you be rewarded?

First, there will be newsletter subscriber only giveaways, which will be super easy for me to host once I switch to Wordpress

For the companies that I am an affiliate for . . . I will pass on promo codes and discounts to you.  Only the people in the newsletter will receive these coupons.  The coupons and promo codes will remain relevant to the purpose of Granola Mom 4 God.  They will reflect my values and likes!  So, if you like my blog than you will like the potential freebies in my newsletter. 

Second, I wanted to a newsletter in order to stay better connected with you.  I have heard of people losing their entire feeds when they switch from Blogger to Wordpress

Now . . . I have a kick-butt blog designer  . . . who will soon be revealed . . . and I know that she knows her business.  But if Murphy’s Law happens to be in effect on the day the transfer happens . . . I want to have done a . . . carbonite-like action on my feed. 

(If only I had been using Carbonite when our laptop died.  All those pictures lost.)

Here is an incentive.  An incentive to sign up for my newsletter.

A giveaway. 


My Google Analytics has informed me time and time again that the most frequented page on my blog is my recipe list.  I have concluded that a large number of my readers must like to cook. 

I would wager that the majority of my recipes contain garlic.


I would like to help you mine your garlic. 

Sign up for my new newsletter to win a Joseph Joseph Rocker (garlic press).  The Joseph Joseph Rocker is a fun gadget to have in the kitchen. 

I prefer it over a traditional garlic press.  It is easier to clean and contains . . . ZERO extra parts to lose.  {Ahem}


I like the smell of garlic, but I suppose it doesn’t make good perfume.  No worries!  The stainless steel absorbs and removes the garlic fragrance from your hands. 

So go lather your self with some oils

To win this Joseph Joseph Rocker, enter your name to sign up for my newsletter.  I won’t spam you and you can always unsubscribe (but I hope you never do). 

Bonus entries (please leave a comment for each entry)

  • Subscribe to my blog posts via email or reader. (Tell me that you did so).
  • Tweet this!  (I already have it filled out for you.) 
  • Jump into my circle on Google+ (and plus something while you are there)
  • Like Granola Mom 4 God on Facebook

Giveaway ends Saturday, March 3, 2012 at Midnight.  Open to US residents only, especially because yours truly is paying for this.  Have no fear . . . I will find a giveaway for those of you outside of the US.

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