Monday, February 20, 2012

The Ride of a Lifetime: A Review

Had I known what this book was about . . . I would not have agreed to review this book.  I was haunted by its words and the images it evoked in my overactive imagination.  I should have read the other reviews more closely.

I can not handle books dealing with the occult, with a strong focus on evil.  Though this book ends with evil being overcome . . . it left me feeling ill. 

I know that there is a battle occurring on earth that we can’t see, as Scripture tells us so . . . and I don’t ignore that this war is waging . . . but I don’t like to read about it.  It causes shadows to become monsters and for me to focus on evil rather than the truth and freedom found in God’s Word.

I read the beginning . . . . and had to stop before I reached the middle . . . and then picked up the last two chapters.  I could not fall asleep with the little that I read. 

If you have an imagination that naturally runs on steroids, DO NOT READ The Ride of a Lifetime.  Don’t open your brain to the images contained in this book.  However, if you can handle the type of fiction contained in this book . . . then you will probably enjoy this read.  It is a Frank Peretti style book.  (Which I can’t choose not to read anymore.)

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