Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Nice Round Number

It is hard to believe that I wrote this post. 

In fact just recently, I was asked either how many pregnancies or children I had.  I said five.  The lady, who I struggled to get along with, said, “Is your fourth in school right now?”  No.  I miscarried.  She said, “Oh.”

Some of you have noted that I keep mentioning pregnancy in my posts.  Kind of like I am dropping hints. 

Surprise! 001

Well, I haven’t been meaning to drop hints or to tease you.  I just have pregnancy on my mind because . . . . well . . . .


Can you believe it?

We were what you would say . . .

A little surprised.

Surprise! 005 

And to think that I wasn’t supposed to have any children.  Wow.  With God, nothing is impossible.  Though I am over-the-top excited, I am a tiny bit overwhelmed at His GENEROUSITY.

Surprise! 007

The boys told the Hottie Hubby.  I wanted the boys to feel involved . . . a part of the process . . . to be excited. 

Surprise! 010

Here’s how it went. 

Brian walked in the door, returning home to his quiet sanctuary loving zoo.  He was greeted at the door by three very excited little boys who all appear to have eaten a lot that day.  Mind you, I was upstairs hiding . . . wanting only to hear the conversation and stay out of the initial “telling.”

Brian:  What’s up with your big bellies? 

Mr. Smackdown:  We’re having a baby!

Brian:  A baby?  Who’s having a baby?

Mr. Smackdown:  We are Daddy!  Mommy’s having a baby!

I hear a nervous laugh from the Hottie Hubby.   Followed by my howls of laughter at this verbal interchange.  When I arrive downstairs, I see my very dazed husband methodically repeating the words, “Eye-yigh-yigh-yigh-yigh,” as he fell onto the couch.

Welcome home!

Can you believe it? 

Don’t worry.  I’ve already played the pregnancy card a few times!

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