Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tommee Tippee: A Happy Mom Review

I just sat down.  Then I hear,

“Mommy, can you get me some water?”


We have Siggs; we have Kleen Kanteens; we have Avent bottles; we have Playtex Sippy cups.  Do you know what one thing they all have in common besides being made for kids and holding liquid?

At some point during use they leak.

It is a constant frustration of mine but a delight to my dog. 

Please just give me a cup that doesn’t leak and magically refills itself. 

I know that latter is a pipe dream . . . but surely the former exists?

snow day 006

Are you ready for a commercial, inquiring Mom?  Because I am ready to film one.

Does Tommee Tippee bring back any childhood memories? 

Apparently, according to my mommy, I grew up on this brand of cup.  It was a cup that forever stood up.  If you knocked it over it bobbled back up.   My mom has been desperately searching for my old cup to show you, but has yet to find it.  Back when my grandma was sick, she used it basically because it couldn’t be permanently knocked over, which is good when you are bedridden.

Well, Tommee Tippee has come back bigger and better, with a great line of products from what I can tell.  Already a common household name in the UK, my prediction is that they will soon be a hit here in the USA. 

Let me show you what we received in the mail (free – to review) from Tommee Tippee through the Mom Bloggers Club

snow day 005 (A Tommee Tippee cup for the older two boys.)

snow day 016(And a Closer to Nature Tommee Tippee baby bottle with a pack of 6+ month nipples– might I add that the structure of the top of the bottle really does resemble the real thing . . . if you know what I mean.)

I am NEVER buying a different “sippy cup” again.  It has to be a Tommee Tippee.  Why?

Kid tested and kid approved. 

  • they liked the designs on the cups
  • the beverage didn’t leak on them, which meant the dog didn’t lick them
  • they especially like the flow of the liquid (seriously, Mr. Smackdown said this – not mommy lingo)

There are two main reasons why I like the cups.  First, the products are  Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free.  Secondly,  they don’t leak.  Let me show you why.

snow day 009snow day 008 

See where the tiny air hole is above the drinking spout?  If you flip the lid over you will see that the air hole is covered by a plastic piece.  That air hole is strictly an air hole, not a milk hole. 

And the baby bottle, well the way the nipple fits into the bottle lid is also pretty baby proof. . . Mr. Smiley can’t push the nipple down into the bottle and subsequently spill the entire contents of the bottle all over his bed, or in the car, or on the carpet.  Bonus!  (Not that this has happened in our house.) 

And if I were ever to have a new baby anytime soon . . . I’m pretty certain that the design of this bottle would serve  as an acceptable route to transport mommy milk during the short time the Hottie Husband and I were away on our first date night post baby.

snow day 010

I know.  I am acting pretty excited about a couple of bottles.  But they seriously have made my life easier this week.  There hasn’t been any fighting over cups.  Each child knows their cup.  No spills or leaks.

Thank you to Tommee Tippee for providing new cups for ALL three of my children and bubble wrap to play with.  We love the cups and you can bet that I will be giving these cups (new ones of course) as baby shower gifts.  Also thank you to the Mom Bloggers Club for providing this review opportunity for my family and myself.

Tommee Tippee products may be purchased at Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us where you can find them at a stinkin’ reasonable price!

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