Tuesday, February 23, 2010


And the winner of the Crave book is . . .

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Congrats, Julie of My Life With Boys!  Please send me your snail mail address, and I would love to hear what your pastor said about Crave . . . and how he got a hold of this great book!

And I actually have one more winner to post . . . I kind of forgot about it.  You know we went to Utah, got sick, found out we were having a baby, and I sleep a lot these days . . .

Remember this book?


I never posted a winner. And Brian is done reading the book.

And the winner is . . .

Fullscreen capture 2232010 81216 PMCongrats,  Sela Fenske Young !  Please send me your snail mail address so that I can ship this out to you!

If you ladies need my email, here it is:  thegranolamom4god at gmail dot com.

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